WordPress Growth Hacking Tools

WordPress Growth Hacking Tools – use these tools to be more successfull!

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  • A/B See

    A/B See is a WordPress plugin that simplifies split-test in two shortcodes. AB-See is based on A/Bingo by Patrick McKenzie and GAE/Bingo by Ben Kamens. To install A/B See in WordPress site you need to place all the files in a directory under wp-content/plugins and turn on the plugin. Split Tests are not activated by […]
  • AddToAny

    AddToAny is a universal sharing platform that allows your visitors to share your content or bookmark the information to any service. AddToAny is used by adding share buttons on websites so that the visitors can share and bookmark content to social medias like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr , WhatsApp, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Google+ and more services. […]
  • Akismet

    Akismet is an advanced spam protection service for platforms like WordPress. Akismet catches comment and forum spam using their algorithms. It regularly processes and examines millions of data from thousands of communities and websites in real time. Moderating comment a time consuming task, Akismet identifies spam comments before it becomes pending comment in your moderation. […]
  • Captain Up

    Captain Up turns your visitors into active and loyal customers. This tool offers gaming and social tools for maximizing engagement, retention, virality and monetization in your web and mobile apps. The engagement and social tools offer badges, levels, messages, leaderboards and rewards for your community. Captain Up easily integrates with other websites giving you the […]
  • Contact form 7

    Contact form 7 is a WordPress plugin that manages multiple contact forms. When all you want is a contact form, not every other possible tool that runs a risk of not being able to play nicely with other plugins and multiple sites, Contact form 7 is the choice among reviewers. Speaking of multiple sites, if […]
  • Disqus

    Desperate for more comments and interaction on your website? Disqus, pronounced “discuss”, is a service and tool right for you. It’s simple and free to use!  
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

    Do you want your blog to load faster? Try the EWWW Image Optimizer! It’s a WordPress plugin that will drastically reduce the sizes of your images, while not harming their quality. It will work with already uploaded files, as well.  
  • Feelbacks (Emotion Rating System)

    Emotions are the key! Discover what your audience is feeling about your posts by installing these free vicomi feelbacks. Now with advanced emotion analytics for your site.  
  • Google Author Link

    Google Author Link has outstanding Plugins for word press that offer reliable support. The WordPress plugin allows you to send tracking data from Google campaign URLs through your WordPress forms. This simple plugin also allows you to manage your Google Authorship links on any WordPress website or blog effectively.  
  • Google Tag Manager for WordPress

    Google Tag Manager is designed to help you manage Google Analytics tracking codes or any other web analytics tags. With this plugin, you can place the necessary container codes snippet into your website so that you do not have to add it manually. Google Tag Manager for WordPress can add every dataLayer variable as an […]
  • HTML to WordPress

    HTML to WordPress is a workflow tool that enables website managers and developers to convert their HTML websites to premium quality WordPress themes. Converting static HTML websites to WordPress takes a lot of time and requires deep technical knowledge; however, with this tool the conversion process is made easier and provides you with a working […]
  • Insite

    These are excellent personalized recipes which allow your WordPress to change automatically at predetermining trigger points. This tool also engages site visitors by displaying customized actions at exactly the right time thus create a better relation with them. You can also choose a trigger to activate your website personalization. These triggers can include time of […]
  • JM Twitter Cards

    JM Twitter Cards is a plugin that simplifies Twitter cards integration with WordPress. This tool is compatible with All in One SEO and Yoast SEO. JM Twitter Cards makes sure you read the release notes to avoid breaking your cards. Once activated, the plugin adds appropriate Meta on your WordPress website allowing you to get […]
  • Justuno

    Justuno provides numerous online retailers worldwide with a platform aimed at converting a current website visitor into a customer, email subscriber, and social fan through onsite promotion. This tool also converts higher rates of traffic into sales. With Justuno, you can increase your fan base while amplifying your brand.  
  • MailChimp for WordPress Pro

    Looking for the best MailChimp plugin for WordPress? Check here, try the free plugin, which is actively used on nearly half a million sites and has been very well received by the WordPress community, and turn to Premium version if you want more feautures.  
  • SEO Redirection

    Want to move some content around? A redirect will safely guide a user to the proper location of your WordPress content. SEO Redirection Plugin offers support for generating 301, 302, and 307 redirects and also supports 404 error monitoring with easy one-click redirection. All major redirect protocols are supported – including wild card (entire directory) […]
  • Shortcodes Ultimate

    Want to make your WordPress blog more attractive? Shortcodes Ultimate is a plugin that allows you to create things like buttons, galleries, tabs, sliders, spoilers, columns, headings, lists, boxes, quotes, pull quotes, and responsive videos very quickly, thanks to the shortcodes. Shortcodes Ultimate is free to use, with paid upgrades for more shortcodes and options. […]
  • Spot.IM

    Looking for a comment loading system? Spot.IM is the solution! Its system dramatically increases engagement by converting your site into a hub for a large real-time social network. It’s compatible with mobile site designs and allows guest contributions, which helps boost engagement quite a bit.  
  • Squirrly

    Dreaming of becoming a superstar in SEO, content marketing or blogging? Squirrly is on a mission to make Content Marketing Superstars. Visit the website to learn how.  
  • Subiz WordPress Plugin

    Customers like to be treated as individuals and being taken care of. Install Subiz live chat plugin and provide instant support to visitors of your website!  
  • Ultimate Social Deux

    Need some fast sharing buttons? Ultimate Social includes buttons, skins, placement, fan counters, intuitive shortcodes and is available through CodeCanyon.  
  • Viral sign ups

    Want to grow your email lists? Do it with Viral Sign Ups, encourage your leads to share your offer and reward them for every referral they generate on your behalf.  
  • WP Viral Quiz Plugin

    Need to create engaging quizzes on your WordPress blog? With WordPress Viral Quiz plugin, it is possible to develop great and also viral quizzes in your WordPress website.  
  • Yoast

    Looking for SEO plugin for your WordPress? Yoast SEO is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin that exists today for WordPress.org users. It incorporates everything from a snippet editor and real timepage analysis functionality that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps, and loads of optimization options […]

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