Social Media Hacking Tools

Social Media Hacking Tools – fight the social noise with these tools.

Top 3 Social Media Hacking Tools

Listed below are 3 of the best social media administration instruments out there.

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Also check out some of these great growth hacking tools for more social media influence.

  • is a social media marketing tool created for online sellers and includes photo management, editing, and sharing platform. also allows you to integrate all your social media accounts in one simple place. It includes ‘the day and week planners’ which take care of scheduling your social media promotions for days or weeks at […]

    With you can quickly find and react to any mention of a brand, product or competition anywhere on the web. For market research, you can use this tool to sieve out meaningful customer insights and be able to understand your audience better. It also allows you to Find important discussions, join them in real […]
  • BitHub

    With BitHub you can increase your conversations through social media since it is the most affordable social hub in the market. This tool is reliable since it unifies all your social media content in one place and strengthens your brand image through the production of quality social media content.  
  • Brand24

    Brand24 gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web from social networks to influential publishers. It allows you to discover what people are saying online about your brand as it unfolds in real time. Brand24 also gives you and influencer score that identify people with the most social influence. Thus Brand24 […]
  • Brandwatch

    Brandwatch is an online tool that helps you to locate discussions about your brand, products and market, accurately and to discover important conversations that matter for your startup. It also allows advanced social media monitoring and analytics and the searches pinpoint every discussion about your brand or product giving you the privilege to listen to […]
  • Buffer

    This is the most robust tool you can obtain that will help you out in a competitive market. Buffer enables you to collate your social profiles into one place which means you can share the same piece of content quickly and easily across all of them. It is also the best way to drive traffic, […]
  • Click To Tweet

    Click To Tweet is a free, easy way to promote and advertise your business or product on Twitter. You can use it to launch a product by asking new users to share the product on Twitter, and you will get amazing results. This tool analytics tells you how many times your Click to Tweet link […]
  • is the easiest way to drive traffic, grow follower and increase engagement on social media. This tool is available for social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. This tool prioritizes your twitter tasks by identifying valuable people in your Twitter community. It identifies valuable members and categories into three groups which […]
  • Crowdfire

    Crowdfire is a free Instagram and Twitter analytics tool that can be used on both the web and via mobile device i.e. on iOS and Android. This app is essentially a relationship management tool that helps you find and identify who your inactive followers are as well as who is unfollowing you. The free tool […]
  • Curalate

    Curalate is a tool that gives you a smarter channel to monitor measure and grow your brand using visuals that best suit your company. If you are a marketer that frequently uses visual marketing, then Curalate is the tool for you since it allows you to connect Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr to effectively run […]
  • Dr. Audience

    Do you need to find the right audience for your advertisements on twitter? Or, attain them from competitors? Try this simple Twitter application for free! It will help you advertise smartly.  
  • Edgar

    If you need to increase managing efficiency, traffic and engagement on your social media, then Meet Edgar should be your choice. Instead of manually scheduling social media posts to go out every day, you simply build up a library of tested social posts that can be scheduled according to your desires.  
  • Falcon

    Who are your customers? Every time a person interacts with your brand, Falcon collects their data, so that you could target and personalise your messaging to individuals or groups. Go to the website to learn more.  
  • Fast-unfollow

    Do you want to unfollow a lot of people on Instagram without clicking one by one for each of them? Try the fast unfollow! Start from 200 free unfollows!  
  • Flament

    Up your website’s social score with a little social Flare! Easily configure and share your blog posts across some of the most popular networks.  
  • Followed

    Not sure what, when and how to write on social media? Harness the power of social media and make more money with the help of the Followed app!  
  • Followerwonk

    Need help with your Twitter account? Want to know more about your followers and compare those with competitors’? If you want to increase your social growth, buy Followerwonk: it will do the right job for you.  
  • Iconosquare

    An iconosquare brand index is a free tool which allows you to see how your brand is performing on Instagram. With this tool, you can track your brand as well as see how your competitors are doing, and what is working in different vertical that may be transferrable to your own brand. Iconosquare also enables […]
  • Instagram Analytics

    This tool allows you to see who is interacting with your content and which content is performing better. With this information, you can create better and more relevant content that your audience will want to see. With this tool, you are able to measure your audience growth since it gives you information on new followers […]
  • Instagress

    With Instagress you can obtain more likes, comments, and followers since it can easily automate your liking, following activities and commenting based on specific hashtags as well as unfollowing users from different sources. It also has tons of filters and customization options that help increase your audience. It is also optimized to work seamlessly on […]
  • InstaSchedule

    InstaSchedule allows you to schedule the Instagram posts to publish at specific times you set allowing you to make sure your audience see your posts at the best possible times. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about manually posting since InstaSchedule will schedule and publish the content for you.  
  • Jooicer

    Jooicer is a tool that lets you automate your social media strategy for Twitter by creating custom recipes. With this tool, you can choose which actions you want to automate. For instance, you can unfollow nonfollowers in 7 days or follow everyone with this hashtag in their bio. The tool also allows you to compose […]
  • Klout

    Klout is an app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the Klout Score which is a numerical value between 1 and 100. This app gives you the score of any Twitter account right in your feed which is a good way to see its influence.  
  • Latergram

    Latergram is a tool that schedules and manages your Instagram posts. Whether you’re posting a regular little update, hosting a contest, or launching a product, Latergram is just what you need. It has multiple tools that help you turn your visitors into customers. It also has a grid preview which lets you view and arrange […]
  • ManageFlitter

    Is Twitter important to you and your business? ManageFlitter will help you analyze, post at the right time, compare different statistics on Twitter, helping you grow your Twitter!  
  • Mention

    Would you like to hear all that’s being said about you? Mention is a social media tool that monitors the web, including the major social media channels, to keep you informed about every time somebody mentions your name, brand or target keywords, and its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use.  
  • Narrow

    Thinking about attracting right audience to your twitter account? Narrow can do that for you!  
  • Nuke Suite

    Looking for help in social marketing? Nuke Suite is a powerful platform that allows global brands and agencies to carry out social operations across multiple networks, markets and accounts more effectively.  
  • Oktopost

    Are you a B2B marketer or professional? Oktopost delivers the true business value from social media, generating new sales. It integrates marketing and sales in today’s social-centric marketplace.  
  • oneQube SocialAudience

    Do you want all social media data and analysis about your company, while having the opportunity to spend little time on it? Try oneQube!. Build your audience, manage your customers and market to them correctly!  
  • Outfy

    Looking for the best way to increase social reach of your products, boost traffic & sale? With Outfy, you can promote your products to 10+ prominent social networks from a single place all at once and plan your social media sharing for a whole day, week or even months!  
  • Pin Alerts

    Tailwind is a fantastic Pinterest scheduler that is full of amazing features! You can schedule your first 100 pins for free by signing in with your Pinterest account at any time! Be more efficient and measure your success!  
  • Pinterest URL Generator

    AdWords free automation tools can help you save hours and run your campaigns smoothly and efficiently. Pinterest URL generator is one of them, allowing you to create URL which can be pinned directly!  
  • Radian6

    Would you like to “listen” to what is being said about your company or product and react in real-time? Radian6 helps you in making sense of the volume of information present on social media. Through Social Listening it enables you to identify and assess what is being said about your company or product.  
  • Sendible

    Spending too much time managing your social media? Sendible is a complete social media management platform that will spare you logging into different accounts, as you’ll find all the necessary info here, while being able to post and schedule and do many other things directly from Sendible’s dashboard.  
  • ShortStack

    Want to build beautiful campaigns and drive traffic to them? ShortStack is there to help you! Go ahead and try it for free!  
  • Simply Measured

    Social Media is becoming more and more important every day. Simply Measured is a complete Social Media analytics solution which will impress you with the simplicity of set up process and beautiful and detailed reports.  
  • Social Bro

    Want to start growing your business? The Audiense Connection Platform helps organizations grow their customer and audience bases by identifying, understanding and connecting with highly granular segments, leveraging the IBM Watson cognitive computing platform to determine unique and powerful insights from audience data. The company is also one of only two Twitter Official Partners worldwide […]
  • Social Insight

    Need in-depth Instagram analytics? Monitor engagement, follower growth, interactions & more with Social Insight! Identify, analyze and optimize together with Social Insight to achieve better results.  
  • Social Rank

    Need to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram? Try Social Rank, one of the best tools available!  
  • Sprout Social

    Do you realize the importance of managing your social presence? Let’s help you find a social dashboard that’s useful, efficient, and easy to use and understand. SproutSocial has a clean and simple online dashboard that nonetheless answers most social-management needs. Start your free trial now!  
  • Tagboard

    Search any hashtag across social networks using the Tagboard!  
  • Tail Wind

    Are you a blogger or a small business? Tailwind is a management and analytics tool which helps deliver more engaging, better targeted marketing campaigns on Pinterest and Instagram. Start your free trial today!  
  • Talkwalker

    Would you like to instantly understand social data and find insights to act on? Talkwalker is a capable midrange-to-enterprise social media analytics platform with top marks in competitive benchmarking, pre-built dashboards, and complex querying.  
  • Tweet Full

    Can’t really promote your business on Twitter? Tweet Full will help you find potential customers, engage your targets and win more business! Start your 14-day free trial now!  
  • Tweet Rocket

    Need smart and easy Twitter management? Tweet Rocket is the ultimate platform for natural growth, content curation and driving traffic!  
  • TweetChat

    Want to bring Twitter to the next level? Engage in TwitterChat & TwitterParty conversations, follow #hashtags & events, curate your Twitter stream with FavePages.  
  • TweetDeck

    Looking for a more structured Twitter overview? TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts.  
  • TweetFavy

    Wouldn’t mind automating your Twitter marketing? TweetFavy is an automated growth hacking tool for Twitter. Start your 14-day free trial right now!  
  • Upflow

    Would you like to automate your Social Media posting? Do it with Upflow, and your followers will get tailored content from you!  
  • Viral Tag

    Looking for an image-focused social media sharing tool? ViralTag allows you to manage multiple social networks, schedule unlimited posts, collaborate with your team, analyze performance – all from a single dashboard.  
  • Viral Woot

    Would you like to grow, manage and monitor your Pinterest account? Try ViralWoot and take your marketing to the next level! Schedule your pins, promote, analyze, manage content and do much more…  
  • WooBox

    Need to make your campaigns more effective? Woobox provides millions of brands with an affordable suite of viral applications to grow and engage their fan base. Apps include custom page tabs, coupons, contests, sweepstakes, and more, and they all work on mobile as well and can be embedded on your website.  
  • Zoho Social

    Managing Social Media has never been easier! Zoho is there for you to help you manage multiple social networks, schedule unlimited posts, monitor keywords, and collaborate with your team — all from a single dashboard!  

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