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You are happy about your successful website, but you find that it is not found on Google? Check out the SEO performance before you start SEO optimization. The fact is, your website needs to be found through the Google search queries so that you can increase your organic traffic, and you will also increase your reach in the World Wide Web. What do you have to do? Consider the ranking factors of Google.

Which On-and-OffPage SEO factors should you consider?

There are numerous on- and off-page SEO factors that you have to consider in advance.
OnPage factors include:

  • Relevant content
  • Matching keywords
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Matching meta tags
  • Internal links
  • Good URL structures
  • Usability
  • The most important OffPage factors:
  • Social Signals
  • reviews
  • Backlinks

You can optimize your homepage with SEO software from the cloud. Use popular tools to improve SEO performance!

OnPage optimization

You can use to check your website and source code so that mistakes and SEO potentials can be found and subsequently optimized. Furthermore, you can also check the content with You can use to monitor your keywords. The advantage: With the tool you can also get the ranking of the website.

Prices: between 0 Euro / month to 1.699,90 Euro / month


OnPageDoc finds all OnPage SEO errors, identifies the optimization potentials, and also warns you about important events – such as when your site is badly accessible. You can also check the SEO activities via the Dashboard.

Prices: between 29,90 Euro / month and 199 Euro / month

Complete solutions

Sistrix Toolbox

The Sistrix Toolbox tells you all the SEO key figures for your Internet presence. The tool is available in modules, which can be booked individually. The modules include:

  • SEO – analyzes and optimizes the organic traffic
  • Universal – analyzes the Universal Search embeddings
  • Links – Checks the backlink profiles
  • Ads – analyzes the banner and AdWords campaigns
  • Social – Social Signals
  • Optimizer – analyzes OnPage

Prices: between 100 euros / month (1 module) and 400 euros / month (5 modules)


XOVI is a German SEO tool that monitors the keywords on the one hand, optimizes the OnPage SEO factors on the other hand, and also supports backlink building. Potentially valuable links can also be identified.

Prices: between 99 euros / month and 499 euros / month


Also SEOlytics is a German tool, with which all SEO tasks can be covered. You can not only do fast analyzes, but also check the online performance of your competitors. In this way you can recognize fast potentials that you can use in the future.

Prices: between 0 € / month and 399 € / month

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the best-known SEO solutions currently available on the market. Whether keyword research, website audits, link building or OnPage optimization – the complete solution also convinces with free tools such as the MozBar, a Firefox and Chrome plug-in.

Rates: Between $ 99 / month and $ 599 / month


SEMrush is a powerful SEO complete solution. Here you can keep track of your competitors, their backlinks and SEO strategies. Furthermore, you can also identify optimization potentials and observe your keyword ranking.

Rates: Between US $ 69.95 / month and US $ 549.95 / month



With Ahrefs, you can not only track backlinks on your website, but also find content that is promising and works well in your industry. In addition, you will also get an overview of which keywords are used by competitors and can thus react to potential weaknesses of your competitors, which can be your strengths.

Rates: Between 99 US Dollar / month and 999 US Dollar / month

Find matching keywords


With the tool you can find the search volume for keywords and also find long-tail keywords.

Rates: Between $ 0 / month and $ 25 / month

With, you can not only find keywords – it also proposes keywords used by people on Bing, YouTube, Google or in the AppStore.

Rates: Between 0 USD / month and 88 USD / month

Check rankings


Do you want to check the Google ranking quickly and accurately? Then use Serplab. The tool is available free of charge, whereby you can also buy SERP bots from 5 US dollars, which will ensure that the rankings are released more quickly. So you get a better ranking.

Rates: Between $ 0 / month and $ 49.90 / month



WpSEO is a German SEO plug-in, which can be used to optimize contributions or entire pages in WordPress. You have extensive optimization options, so you can improve your Open Graph tags; So your site can be optimized for social networks.

Prices: between 23,79 Euro (for one side) and 118,99 Euro (for several pages)


A classic SEO WordPress plug-in to help you optimize the website. The advantage? Numerous OnPage SEO tasks are taken over. So you can have the website analyzed and then optimized – from the title of the posts to the XML sitemaps.

Prices: Between $ 0 (1 page, no premium features) and $ 1,499 (up to 200 pages)

Bonus tools


With Seobility, you can check the page structure and respond to a variety of errors that you can solve later.

Prices: between 0 Euro and 149,90 Euro


Linkody is a classic backlink monitoring tool. With the tool you will find valuable backlinks, which you can monitor and also analyze.

Prices: Between 7,90 Euro and 89,90 Euro


Majestic has one of the largest link databases in the world. Backlinks can be checked with the tool; The Open Site Explorer also helps you get information about the link structures.

Prices: between 54,99 Euro and 299,99 Euro