SEM and Paid Advertising Tools

SEM and Paid Advertising Tools – get results faster.

  • Ad Espresso

    AdEspresso is a Facebook ad manager that allows you to generate, analyze and optimize Facebook Ads quickly and easily. It helps users grow fan base, sell more products and increase communication within their community. AdEspresso enables users to quickly split test all the elements of their Facebook Ads. Users can create hundreds of Ads and […]
  • AdRoll

    AdRoll is a digital marketing platform which was established with a purpose of helping marketer to collect, analyze, and take steps based on their customer data to serve high performance marketing campaigns. AdRoll tracks different platforms including web, mobile, and also social media using highly-advanced widgets to achieve results. AdRoll is the only platform that […]
  • Automate Ads

    Automate Ads is the first fully automated cross-channel ad campaign manager. It eliminates the need for manual day-to-day campaign management by using technology and data science to automate daily tasks such as A/B testing, performance monitoring, ad rotation, pausing poor performing ads, bid optimization, and reporting. It also has Automate Reports which allows advertisers to […]
  • Bing

    Bing is a popular user tool that helps you manage your campaigns and meet your advertising goals. With this too you can get mobile advertising insights for your specific line of business and learn how broad match can help you access untapped clicks and conversions. Bing also offers you scheduled and automated top campaign management […]
  • Eltoro

    Whether you are an advertiser or a business owner, you can benefit with El Toro, which gives you the ability to target the intended online customer base by onboarding and matching CRM data with real time IP address location for targeted personalised marketing.  
  • Google Adwords

    Google AdWords enable you to reach your customers at the right time and that your website gets top ranking on Google. Google AdWords is a platform where you can attract new website visitors, keep your customers coming back to your website and grow your sales. With Google AdWords, you can check the number of people […]
  • img.Ads

    This is a unique tool that provides you with an outstanding real-time messaging platform to communicate with your guest at all times thus boosting guest’s positive experience. The advertisement platform of the tool is based on images, and it is the first digital platform to automatically assign ads to images.  
  • imonomy

    With Imonomy you can create stylish and effective in-image ads to your website.This tool enhances your user’s experience by delivering relevant and engaging in-image ads with the help of an algorithm that combines contextual and behavioral analysis for a superior user experience.  
  • MentAd

    Do you wonder how to get more customers? MentAd is a predictive marketing platform that plans, launches and optimizes an online retailer’s social advertising campaign. MentAd’s platform identifies your most profitable customer opportunities to help you acquire new customers with low CPA and high ROI.  
  • Perfect Audience

    Are you an advertiser? Would you like to follow-up with your website visitors who didn’t take a desired action — like when a user didn’t buy a product after adding it to the shopping cart? Perfect Audience is an ad platform that allows advertisers to retarget users across the Web, Facebook and Twitter. In that […]

    Would you like to increase your online shop revenue? Retargeting is an eCommerce cart abandonment solution and email marketing automation software designed to increase conversions from site visitors who have browsed but not bought, or abandoned their shopping carts. Retargeting includes 3 different live trigger types, including dynamic subscription and product recommendation, and 12 options […]
  • Singular

    Want to make marketing easier? Singular has built the only unified marketing analytics platform that delivers attribution, cost aggregation, creative reporting and workflow automation all in a single application, giving marketers access to unparalleled data granularity.  
  • SiteScout

    Want to do advertising on your own but wouldn’t mind some help? SiteScout offers self-serve advertising software that enables users to create and manage various formats of ad campaigns, be it banner or mobile ad campaigns or something else.  
  • Smartly

    Looking for the ways to automate Facebook & Instagram advertising? Smartly is a powerful tool which will easily eliminate manual work and streamline your workflow.  
  • Student Beans

    Are you a student ? Find the best deals, sales, vouchers just for you in the country you study! Make your life more interesting and colorful by following the blog!  
  • Tenjin

    Would you like to have a complete picture of your mobile marketing performance? Tenjin offers the one-stop platform where advertisers can monitor ROI for each campaign easily.  
  • Whoop!

    Want to improve your Google Shopping results? Use Whoop’s predictive bid management and optimize your every bid. Save time and resources with Whoop!  
  • Yahoo!

    The Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program enables web publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. Publishers can now use the self-serve platform to create and customize ad units that display relevant text ads consisting of sponsored links and ad topics from the Yahoo! Bing Network.  

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