Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools – find the pain points of your customer searches.

  • Agency Analytics

    Agency Analytics is all-in-one reporting software designed for marketing agencies and consultants offering Web & PPC Analytics, local & global keywords tracking tool, backlink monitoring, SEO auditing, , social analytics, custom dashboard with Drag and drop widgets, automated marketing reports, branded mobile apps, multiple third party analytics and social media integrations and more.  
  • Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is a top-notch SEO tool and Link Building Software with supremely powerful web crawling capabilities. Ahrefs provides you baclink checker tool, position & content explorer, position tracker, crawl repots, email notification, comprehensive domain monitoring and comparison. So, start making marketing decisions based on data that Ahrefs crawler collects across the web.  
  • Analytics SEO

    Saas Based SEO Software that helps you in improving search engine ranking to increase website traffic, customers and leads. It offers complete set of online SEO tools, and integrates with Google Analytics and Majestic SEO. Analytics SEO simplifies the process of SEO campaigns by automating important SEO tasks and activities. It helps web developers, agencies, […]
  • CanIRank

    CanIRank is a SEO intelligence tool that blends data and metrics to deliver actionable insights, opportunities, and personalized recommendations. This tool collects data and metrics from other SEO services you know and love, then add a layer of machine learning intelligence on top to deliver actionable insights, opportunities, and personalized recommendations. CanIRank helps you spend […]
  • GinzaMetrics

    GinzaMetrics is designed to drive search and content ROI thus it helps you find and optimize keywords that best suit your website. It also improves your organic traffic. It has a complete dashboard that allows you to monitor content creation, search terms, marketing strategies, and social data so as to get recommendations. GinzaMetrics has a […]
  • Google Keyword Tool

    Google Keyword Tool is keyword search tool that allows you to do research on keywords for your SEO. This tool gives you statistics of the historical performance of keywords used to search in Google, and this can also show you if the popularity of a keyword is a temporary trend or if it will be […]
  • Google Search Operators Cheat Sheet

    Google Search Operators Cheat Sheet is a compiled list of Google Advanced Search Operators. It includes key phrases you can add to the search bar or the URL in the Google search to get more refined results. This tool allows you to mix and match operators and modifiers to perform complex searches. The tool is […]
  • Keyword Shitter

    Keyword Shitter is a simple tool used for basic keyword research. This tool is effective for creating a very large list of keywords. It also allows for negative and positive filters. The negative filters allow you to enter the keywords that you do not want to see on the list. If you are writing a […]
  • Keywordfinder

    Keywordfinder generates long tail keywords related to your niche with high search volumes and low keyword SEO difficulty. This tool enables exact search volumes even for close variant keywords thus the tool will generate exact search volumes even for keywords that have almost similar variation. It gives you the option for precise keyword research based […]
  • LocalAdworks

    LocalAdworks offers the most comprehensive Local SEO Services, Tools and Reporting with the highest return on investment and greatest transparency. The Localadworks SEO platform intelligently integrates over 20 powerful tools that include everything you need to grow your business online. It include all the tools required for SEO and local citations accessed by over 200 […]
  • Mondovo

    Are you tired of using a whole lot of tools for your digital marketing? Do you strive to get the job done as fast as possible? Mondovo is an all-in-one marketing platform for measuring all your SEO and social media analytics at one place.  
  • Moz

    Looking for an advanced SEO tool to automate the tasks that normally take hours? Moz Pro is a combination of different SEO and marketing tools, which allows you to compare your and competitors’ backlinks, get recommendations on how to rank higher and much more…  
  • Rank Tracker

    Are you looking for one of the fastest rank trackers? Try Link Assistant’s Rank Tracker! It’s accurate as well, providing you with the opportunities to track unlimited keywords, tracking rankings on auto-pilot and showing ranking variations. Go to the website to learn more!  
  • Rio SEO

    In search for the ways to automate your local search efforts? Rio SEO can make complex local search marketing simple and convert searches into sales. With scalable, cost-efficient search solutions on a full-service platform, Rio SEO will increase local site visibility, drive local revenue and get results.  
  • SEMRush

    Are you a digital marketing professional? SEMrush is the leading marketing software used by hundred thousands professionals worldwide to supercharge their SEO, PPC, content and social media activities. Features include organic research reports that cover a range of keyword analytics; keyword research and ranking tools; site audit; brand monitoring; backlinks data and more.  
  • SEO Diver

    Need assistance with your day-to-day monitoring and analysis of competitors, keyword research and analytical backlink research? SEO Diver offers an in-depth perspective into the performance of domains, keywords, and backlinks in many international search markets. Make your website better with the help of SEO Diver!  
  • SEO PowerSuite

    Do you want to keep your business relevant and unique? SEO PowerSuite is a great bundle of SEO applications saving time and possible headaches for the user. The tool has an excellent balance of keyword tools, competitive analysis and reporting. It also offers unlimited checks for keyword ranking.  

    Want to save money? Switch to which encompasses the functions of many other paid services, making it much more affordable! You can complete niche research, competition analysis, download your competitors backlinks, find location citations, search for expired domains, see what keywords your site currently ranks for, monitor uptime, automate backups, build custom reports & […]

    Are you a SEO agency wishing to have a comprehensive SEO tool with accurate rankings? is a web-based SEO suite for those who wish to monitor a set of keywords for each site or client. It is exclusively designed to track accurate keyword rankings on daily basis. Visit the website and learn about other […]
  • SERPWoo

    Would you like to spot new competitors, look up their stats and get an idea of what they are doing to get to the top? SERPWoo tracks all of the top 20+ results for keywords you selected and helps you reverse engineer them. It also gives you excellent visuals of your SEO Campaigns, opportunity to […]
  • SpyFu

    Wouldn’t you mind spying a bit on your competitors? SpyFu enables customers to “spy” on their competitor’s online marketing campaigns, see which terms they advertise on, which terms they optimize their site for, how much they spend, and so much more. These can be answers you need to stay competitive and grow your business.  

    Need to drive more traffic to your website by optimizing on-page elements? is the easiest and fastest tool for the best on-page SEO for designers. The tool offers personalized keyword recommendations to make it easier to find keyword opportunities, automates UI optimization and offers different types of progress reports.  

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