Feedback Tools

Feedback Tools – what does your customer really want?

  • Apptentive

    Apptentive is a mobile CRM solution that lets you know how your customer feels about your app. With this tool, you can have two-way conversations between you and your customers, inside your app.You can also obtain quantitative data and qualitative information with a tap which provides key insights into who your customers are, what they […]
  • Best in Test

    Best in Test is a tool that gathers reviews from your real customers on location in just 30-60 seconds. This tool gives you the opportunity to obtain quality reviews and testimonials without subjecting your customers to spam emails and texts. Your customers’ ambassador scores are automatically calculated via a well-established algorithm making it the perfect […]
  • Bornevia

    Bornevia offers a Bornevia live chat widget on your website to talk to your online visitors in real-time. It also keeps track of response time and chats durations for built-in analytics. Bornevia also boosts your online conversion while building a great relationship with your customers. It also offers a multi-channel inbox which integrates all your […]
  • Clusters

    Clusters offer the best customer support with WhatsApp through the provision of instant messaging apps from one web-based platform. With this tool, you can offer real-time customer support using instant messaging apps since Clusters enables you to provide customer service and technical support using apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc.  
  • Doorbell

    Would you like to receive feedback from users who interact with your websites, iOS, and Android? This service aims to offer powerful searching and tagging options. Also, Doorbell intents to fit in an existing workflow, capture screenshots, and do much more.  

    Would you like to see all your reviews in one place, reply and analyse them? Just use FeedCheck and soon you will get an alert for a new review!  
  • Feelbacks

    Emotions are the key! Discover what your audience is feeling about your posts by installing these free vicomi feelbacks. Now with advanced emotion analytics for your site.  
  • Getform

    Getform relieves the burden of dealing with overpriced, time consuming and complicated solutions with too many features. With Getform, all you need to do is to integrate their form code into your website’s existing code, and you instantly start taking ownership of your forms. You can invite your friends or colleagues to the forms that […]
  • Google Forms

    Google Forms have various purposes, for instance, you can use them to organize and analyze automatically collected data with real-time response info and charts. You can also design questions and answers your way where you choose from a bunch of question options and multiple choice to dropdowns to a liners scale. With Google Forms, you […]
  • Houston

    If you are in the initial stages of developing your business than Houston is one of the tools you don’t want to miss.This tool helps you in your early-stage startup to grow and learn from your early adopter email lists and ensure you launch strong products. This tool keeps your audience engaged by sending them […]
  • Live Chat Inc

    Live Chat Inc is a tool that allows you to help your customer faster. It also enables you to chat with visitors that need your help using a free, 30-day trial version. Live Chat Inc gives you a chance to point your visitors in the right direction. It also allows you to see how good […]
  • LivePerson

    LivePerson is a tool that transforms the connection between brands and consumers. With this tool, you can gain more loyal customers, reduce cost and generate more sales. LivePerson ensures that your customers are never on hold since it offers an easy and secure messaging platform. This tool allows you to develop an interactive relation with […]
  • MyFeelback

    Do you need to know your customers’ insights so that you can improve your business? MyFeelBack is a robust and secure enterprise platform that will help you to ask right question at the right time in the customer journey, empowering your teams with amazing customer insights to act on.  
  • nanoRep

    Would you like to optimise your customer service and reduce calls to your call center? Nanorep is an intelligent, personalized self-service solution empowering customers and internal service agents. With Nanorep, customers feel understood and supported via a real-time, natural conversation integrated with guidance capabilities for optimal resolution.  
  • Olark

    Looking for Live Chat solutions? Olark is easy to install, has customizable live chat boxes, targeted chat, greeters, screen sharing mode, reports and many more features….  
  • Page Proofer

    Feedback is important, isn’t it? With Pageproofer, leaving feedback on your website is becoming as easy as leaving a sticky note on the board! It helps thousands of designers, developers & clients!  
  • ReviewTrackers

    Would you like to gather all your reviews in one dashboard? That’s what ReviewTrackers will do for you! You’ll be provided with tools to drastically increase your reputation. It’s super easy to use!  
  • SatisMeter

    Are your users satisfied? Collect feedback using SatisMeter! Satisfied users lead to growing your success!  
  • Subiz

    Looking for a live chat solution? Subiz will increase your sales by giving you the opportunity to be always there for your customer! Try now for free!  
  • Survey Monkey

    Need to create some surveys? Survey Monkey is an excellent builder of various types of surveys, it provides customizable templates and possibility to analyze well. A lot of options are available for free.  
  • SurveyPal

    Do you want to enable your team to quickly identify trends and react to customer issues? Surveypal delivers enterprise-class feedback management and survey software as an online service and is designed for companies of any size. With Surveypal, you can create surveys in an instant and get results in real time with impressive graphics in […]
  • Survicate

    Want to hear your customer’s voice? Survicate provides you with the tools to learn about your customers, their thoughts and behavior, which will allow you to make better business decisions.  
  • Temper

    Start measuring and improving customer experience right now! Temper is a web-based tool that businesses can use to keep a pulse on their customers’ feelings. This information can then be used to make adjustments and measure how minor changes to the user experience impact overall customer satisfaction rates.  
  • UsabilityTools

    Want to get insight into what users say and what they do? UsabilityTools gives you a set of online tools that help optimize websites for higher conversion and better user experience.  
  • User Report

    Collect knowledge about your website’s visitors with UserReport’s free online survey tool. Measure usability and gather visitor demographics.  

    Do you want to get videos of real people telling their thoughts as they use your websites, mobile apps, prototypes and more? Try Usertesting and increase your conversion rates, user retention and advertising ROI.  
  • Yotpo

    Want to obtain user-generated content from customers in a smart and automatic way? Yotpo transforms user-generated content into a powerful customer content marketing engine that drives qualified traffic back to the site. Yotpo’s platform includes many dedicated tools to improve and boost content generation, on-site conversion, marketing, SEO, retention and engagement.  

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