Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools – turn visitors into customers.

  • 40Nuggets

    40Nuggets is a lead capture automation tool that tracks, analyzes, and provides deep behavioral insight into your site visitors to help you send intelligent, relevant, and personalized messages to them at the right time. It also allows to add conversion popups and user-friendly lightboxes on your website. It also provide out of the box templates […]
  • 5 Seconds Test

    A 5-second test is a usability testing tool which can be used to test designs of home page, landing pages, product pages, brochures and more. It Give users five seconds to look at the user interface then the user is asked what he can remember from the image or page he has seen. It helps […]
  • Change Again

    Change Again is the easiest and cost effective A/B testing software with the beautiful and understandable interface. It is effective for small and medium business since it has a GA integration and simplicity of setting it up. Its visual editor empowers you to change the headline, button, image or any other element easily, to create […]
  • Convert Experiments

    Convert Experiments is an A/B testing software used for high traffic websites that need a powerful and affordable solution. This tool also allows you to obtain full control over your test with minimum and maximum test duration and traffic allocation, helping you keep winners and cut losers. Convert Experiments also support easy HTML and a […]
  • Experiment Calculator

    Seems not working (doesn’t allow to change numbers)  
  • Get Rooster

    Rooster best suits online marketers, SaaS companies, and e-commerce businesses since it aims at helping you convert abandoning visitors into leads, sales, and signups. With Rooster, you will obtain full creative control since it allows HTML flexibility that ensures your brand and creative requirements are upheld. Rooster’s simple dashboard gives you real-time results and offers […]
  • Inspectlet

    Inspectlet is a reliable tool that contains more advanced tools that provide information on how individual users use your site. This tool literally records videos of your users as they use your site thus allowing you to see everything they do. Inspectlet will show you mouse movements, scrolls, keypresses and clicks. It also provides eye […]
  • IsValid

    IsValid allows you to measure the result of your A/B tests and to identify the best performer with confidence. It is a comprehensive validation library build for ease of use. With this tool, you can detect errors such as wrong parameters, scheme errors and validation errors.  
  • Marketizator

    Omniconvert is a website optimization tool which allows online marketers to create A/B tests, surveys and personalization experiments without help from the IT department. It can help your company increase conversion rates and earn more clients!  
  • Mouse Stats

    Do you need to understand your customers better? Mousestats is a user experience analysis suite that provides tools for visitor playback, heat maps and more. You can see exactly where your customers are moving while on your site or consolidate data from multiple users to understand which of your buttons, banners and forms work best. […]
  • Onboarded

    Would you like to acquire more engaged users, boost conversions, and reduce churn? Onboarded helps you quickly build beautiful custom onboarding experiences, to better understand and delight your users.  
  • onboardX

    Need help with onboarding users for your SaaS products? OnboardX can help you have segmented in-app guides for your web product without writing code and real time deploying.  
  • Optimcore

    This is now in Czech only.  
  • Optimizely

    Do you really want to understand your customers’ behavior? If you can optimize your website according to what your customers like, you are in for some serious business. Optimizely gives you that opportunity to create and personalize your business website, and streamline users’ experience to boost your good reputation.  
  • Picreel

    Would you like to keep your visitors longer on your website to close the deal? Picreel’s main goal is to help convert web traffic into high quality leads. Picreel tracks web visitor’s cursor. It helps to predict when a prospect is about to leave the page. Just before it happens, Picreel triggers a pop up […]
  • Qualaroo

    Do you want to survey specific groups of your website visitors to gain qualitative information and get a clear picture of who your customers are, and what they’re looking for on your site? Qualaroo makes it possible to target prompts by user behavior, specified needs, demographics, or any other internal data. These prompts can be […]
  • Reactful

    Reacting is the key! Reactful is a useful tool that impacts your business by helping you react to the digital body language of your users in real-time. It boosts your site, allowing you to automatically understand real-time visitor intent and react accordingly. What’s more important than understanding, reacting to and thus delighting your audience?  
  • Visual Website Optimizer

    Want to A/B test your website but not sure how? VWO is an easy to use A/B testing tool that will allow you to create different versions of your websites and landing pages using a point-and-click editor (no HTML knowledge needed!) and then see which version produces maximum conversion rate or sales. Integrating the split […]
  • Zopim

    Do you know that talking to your customers increases your sales? Zopim lets you have a live chat, which is the fastest way to engage your customers. Start your free 14 day trial today!  

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