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  • Affimity

    Affimity is a social network to find and connect with people who has same passions or interests as yours. Affimity is a collection of many social channels and each channel promotes a single interest. You can join passion-specific channels like Food, Body, Beauty, Soccer, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Celebs, DIY, Space ,Parenting , Street Fashion, […]
  • ArticleBunny

    With ArticleBunny you can get fast, professional articles at an affordable price. The tool ensures that your content is of high quality and your articles are proofread by a pool of experts who ensure that all of your directions were followed and, most importantly, that it’s a great piece that your reader will love.  
  • Backstitch

    Backstitch is a growth hacking tool that automatically searches and discovers relevant and shareable content. With this tool, you can easily drag-and-drop news clips, assets, micro surveys and more. With Backstitch, you can craft your message once and with a single click publish to your entire audience across all your different channels.  
  • Bracketeers – Interactive Voting Brackets

    This is a software that enables content creators to engage users and increase conversion using interactive voting brackets. This tool allows your fans to be competitive and helps you grow your community. With this tool, you can build campaigns that your fans are passionate about thus generating buzz for your brand.  
  • BundlePost

    BundlePost is a more social content curation tool that aggregates and schedules social media content. It also manages your social media interactions including hashtags and related hashtags. By creating repository folders of social media posts, this tool will enable you to organize and maintain your marketing messages and content since you will always know what […]
  • BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo is a Web-based software program that searches the Internet for content based on the search queries you give, providing tons of interesting data based on your results. You can discover hot topics in your niche and find influential people. With this tool, you can save tons of hours of time curating content and identifying […]
  • CliClap

    CliClap is the solution that helps companies achieve their business goals with a smart content distribution platform for social media. This tool enables you to add additional content recommendations to every piece of content you share organically on social networks. You can even add owned-content recommendations when sharing curated content from around the Web. This […]
  • Content Marketer

    If you ever found yourself so tired from the creation process of an article that you don’t want to even think about distributing it, then this is the tool for you. With ContentMarketer you only just need to drop a link and let ContentMarketer get back at you with contact information about all the people […]
  • Content Seeding

    Content Seeding is a unique growth hacking tool that uploads your content, blog or link on an outstanding white paper that you will create. It also lets you identify your relevant digital influencers for your content thus you can gain a competitive advantage to influence their networks. With this tool, you can share your content […]
  • Contentools

    This tool allows you to grow your business through awesome content with contentools – the all-in-one place where you can create, collaborate, and publish great content. Contentools is fully customizable, engineered to fit the way you work hence allows you to design and refine your content to the best way possible. It also has automated […]
  • Duel

    Looking for an impressive social tool to help businesses grow their audience, brand awareness and sales through the automation of engagement via contests, polls, challenges and idea generation? Check out the Duel! Its content submission process gives brands the right to use the user-generated content and contact details of the participants for future marketing campaigns. […]
  • Grammarly

    Grammarly is a tool designed for Quality Assurance as well as avoiding embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors. The free version of the app checks spelling and basic grammar while the premium version checks advanced grammar and provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions. It also detects any plagiarism, and it easily integrates into Microsoft Office.  
  • Jurnid

    Jurnid is a publishing platform that offers journalists the chance to set a paywall on their work while still providing a mentoring community between journalists and professionals. This platform is intended for students and professionals to showcase their talents and build an audience. Once signed in you can publish your articles for free or you […]
  • Limber

    Limber is a platform that enables you to manage your content marketing campaigns and determine their performances. With this tool, you are able to centralize all your valuable marketing content. Limber also allows you to organize content promotion in campaigns structured with messages and keywords and monitor content, shares and campaign performance with insightful statistics. […]
  • Notey

    Keen on stories? Notey finds the best stories on the things you love from different corners of the world!  
  • Post Planner

    Looking for an awesome social media content curator and scheduler? Post Planner will save you a lot of time, while helping you keep up the quality!  

    Do you want high-ranking content? Order articles from Ranking Articles! It’s not expensive and it’s simple.  
  • Roojoom

    People strive for being dealt as individuals, even when they deal with technology. Roojoom makes content individual for each customer, leading them through their own journeys. This leads to the increase of customer loyalty, product/service sales and other benefits.  
  • Ruzzit

    Looking for the most shared content on the web? Go to Ruzzit, set search parameters and there you go!  
  • Sniply

    Looking for a game changer in online marketing? Sniply is a link shortener that drives conversion. Convert your followers into users and customers. Embed Call-to-Actions into every page you share. Display your message on Forbes, TechCrunch, Mashable, Fast Company, BuzzFeed, anywhere. For free.  
  • Spike

    Want to discover emerging content? Spike monitors all of the world’s content – and analyzes this ocean of data to surface what will drive engagement today. It provides content discovery and monitoring services to news companies, blogs, PR firms, marketers and other media producers.  
  • Start a FIRE

    Would you like to get more value from the links you share? With Start A Fire, you can add your content recommendations to any external link you share within your posts. This way, you can recommend relevant posts you wrote to your audience. Share links with your branded badge and boost your content traffic.  
  • Swayy

    Looking for a multimedia presentation app? Sway allows users to create and share interactive multimedia presentations, reports, personal stories and more. It’s available on web, Windows 10, iPhone and iPad.  

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