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  • Amplitude

    Amplitude is a powerful analytics platform that designed to provide access viewing the ‘behavioural layer’ of user data, which remains as a middle level between dashboards and raw data. Amplitude offers in-depth analyzing on individual data points to see the behavioral data, users and activity behind each point on a graph. Amplitude works amazingly with […]
  • Analytics Spam Killer

    Analytics Spam Killer is an anti-spam tool that makes it very simple to remove annoying referral spam automatically from your Google Analytics account by inserting filters. It has a long list of spammy domains and hosts. It allows you to extract 710 spammy referrer domains in your Analytics data and this process only valid for […]
  • AppFigures

    appFigures is a tool that helps to visualize sales data, App Store reviews, hourly ranks and more. AppFigures comes with a 14 day trial for all access plans, but their basic starter plan is free. This is a great tool to help research the app market and track competitors as well as your own app […]
  • Content Analytics

    If you are a blogger, you might think that visitors to your site read your blog posts all the way through. However, this might not be the case. With Content Analytics, you can see exactly where your readers stop reading. The data that Content Analytics shows you is valuable since you can use to move […]
  • Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg is the leader of visual website analytics. This growth hacking tool will help you make site optimizations based on user activity through the usage of its simple and amazing heatmaps as well as scrollmaps. This tool shows exactly where users click on a page and you can see the percentage of users actually […]
  • Geckoboard

    With Geckoboard you don’t have to look for metrics from different sources since it allows you to create your dashboard and have instant access to the metrics that are important to you. It is easy to create your own custom widgets simply by passing JSON. It also allows excellent customer service due to its simple […]
  • Google Analytics

    This is the most popular web analytics service in the market. It tracks your web traffic in real time and allows you to view site visits, and conversion rate by rate by source, campaign, medium, keyword or content. Google Analytics also gives you the data you need to make informed business and marketing decisions.  
  • GoSquared

    GoSquared is always monitoring your website in real –time. It provides instant notification on every traffic spike or blip of downtime thus you can see how your website traffic fluctuates minute-by-minute. GoSquared also gives you an ease access to all information you need on your users in real-time hence you can get instant results.  

    HAAARTLAND deals with everything that revolves around conversation. It ensures that you and your team, as well as customers, are on the same page through enhancing vibrant conversations. This tool sorts out top content, popular topics, key influencers, hashtags and social arenas so as to bring new business and develop customers from buyers to fans. […]
  • Heap Analytics

    With Heap Analytics there are no manual event tracking and no messy tracking plans since all your user data is enclosed in one place and with no code required. This tool captures every user action in your web or iOS app and analyzes it. It gives you information on the number of clicks, swipes, form […]
  • Hotjar

    Hotjar is an easy and reliable way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. This tool has two distinct sections which are analysis and feedback. The analysis tool allows you to measure and observe user behavior and it includes features such as heatmaps, full visitor session playback and funnels analysis. The feedback tool, […]
  • Keen IO

    Keen IO provides you with a fully managed REST API for doing analytics over schema-less event data. This tool allows developers to build complex, large-scale analytics and data science feature directly into your web or mobile applications. If you are a developer, then you can use Keen IO when you have specific business need to […]
  • Kissmetrics

    Kissmetrics is a famous analytics tool that allows you to get a deeper look into your conversion funnels and user behavior on a multi-session basis. Thus it gives you deep customer knowledge by connecting all of your data to real people. With this tool, you can understand how customer behavior changes over time with cohorts. […]
  • Klipfolio

    Klipfolio tool has enabled real-time visibility into the data and insights that matter most to your business, fueling data-driven decision making and constant optimization. It also allows you to connect with hundreds of online and offline data sources, combine metrics to derive insights, and create, monitor and share custom data visualizations to show the story […]
  • Lucky Orange

    Lucky Orange is the most complete heatmap, visitor recording and chat tool that you can have. Lucky Orange is a multi-function tool for your site optimization and analysis. You can use it to better understand your audience, track mouse movements, user’s behavior and improve conversions. This tool has three different heatmaps which are clickmap, mouse […]
  • Mixpanel

    Looking for the best analytics provider? Learn how people use your app with the world’s most advanced mobile & web analytics. Track every single activity on your app trace for bug and find your user needs just from your Mixpanel dashboard. Send push app notification to your app and share your news easily device wide. […]
  • Mode

    Are you passionate about data? Mode is a collaborative analytics platform that helps data analysts and data scientists analyze, visualize, and share data. Analysts at fast-growing, data-driven companies use Mode to perform and distribute ad-hoc analysis, build data tools for other departments, and measure key business metrics. Just connect your database and start exploring!  
  • Navegg Analytics

    Do you have a blog or a small business, or maybe you are trying to sell something online? Navegg analytics will help you use your online audience segmentation power! ​Improve strategies by learning details about your customers/visitors/users.  

    Do you have to spend a large amount of your time logging into different websites in order to check your business data and statistics every day? Try Neatly! Built with 45+ integrations (Mailchimp, Social, and more being added all the time), all of your most important data can be under one roof.  
  • Piwik

    Looking for an in-depth, free web analytics solution? With Piwik, you’ll be the one in control. Unlike remote-hosted services, you host Piwik on your own server and the data is tracked inside your MySQL database. It also protects your visitor privacy with advanced Privacy features. Piwik is an open platform which you can extend with […]
  • Popcorn Metrics

    Stuck with web analytics? Popcorn Metrics allows you to integrate advanced web analytics/CRM in minutes. No code needed. Start tracking your users behavior with easy to use interface. Visual Editor lets you select what to tag directly on your own website. Then Popcorn Metrics sends data to Google Analytics events, mixpanel, KISSmetrics,,, […]
  • Segment

    Keen on collecting all your customer data? Segment will do it quickly and simply, allowing you to use the data to achieve your goals. Integrate Segment once, get access to all the tools, build the best apps.  
  • Snitcher

    Wouldn’t mind converting visitors into sale leads? Sign up for Snitcher and collect high quality leads using the leading B2B webtracking software!  
  • Weelytics

    Don’t you believe that user tracking can be easy? With Weelytics, you can navigate your own site just like any other user and tag by simply clicking on anything you want to tag. Those tags are being automatically imported into your Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, or account so that you could track them super easily. […]
  • WizRocket

    Want to get complete understanding of your users? Acquire, engage and retain the right users with Clever Tap! Create the right segment types and use them to boost your business!  
  • Woopra

    Looking for a real-time customer analytics service? Woopra, rather than just giving data, provides with the ability to see what is happening on your site in real time. There is a Live tab that will show you visitors that are active on your site, where each visitor is located in the world, how each visitor […]
  • Yandex

    Yandex Metrica is an online analytics platform developed by Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine. Yandex Metrica is a tool for measuring website traffic and analyzing visitors’ behavior. Do you prefer visuals over raw stats? In that case, this analytics platform is just what you need. You’ll get heat maps, scroll maps, and videos of people […]

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